Commonly, when a document is called into question the signature becomes the focus of attention. Forensic document examiners conduct signature comparisons, but also look for other evidence on the document. To assist with this process, specialized laboratory instruments are used.

For example, there may be indentations of value on a contract, will or medical record. As a person writes, the indentations of the writing are commonly found on the following page or pages. A lab instrument is used to recover indentations and make them visible. It is useful in not only learning what the indented text was but may also help in establishing if a document is consistent with the dating sequence.

Another instrument used in the profession is a Video Spectral Comparator (VSC). It serves to show differences in ink formula’s. Although two inks may react similarly with the VSC, it cannot conclusively determine they are the same ink.  Typical cases involve altered medical records, altered contracts, wills, checks, etc. The instrument is also effective in resolving obliterated writing cases and to authenticate security documents.

Rely on a qualified document examiner to use a multi-faceted approach in the examination of your questioned document.