In an increasingly globalized world, it is more important than ever to identify falsified passports. Document examiners, particularly employees of Homeland Security that serve to protect points of entry at our borders, use a variety of overt and covert security features in passports. The documents have a very impressive variety of features that make it extremely difficult to reproduce successfully. Specialized ink, paper (and currently, a non-paper substrate) printing processes, and fonts are used in constructing a passport. Some features are confirmed through the application of UV light or through the use of various light filters in the infrared light spectrum. Other features are authenticated with the help of magnification. Credit should be given to the U.S. Department of State for their continued review and enhancement of our passports to prevent counterfeiting efforts. 

Counterfeit Detection Technologies

In addition to traditional methods used by document examiners, advanced technologies are now available specifically for detecting counterfeit documents such as passports. These technologies include spectroscopy, which uses light waves to measure differences in ink color; video spectral instruments to examine infrared and ultraviolet reactive inks; microscopes and magnifiers to detect minute images and so forth. These applications work together to identify fraudulent passports and other documents quickly.

Document Examiners are Essential

Document examiners are essential in helping countries maintain confidence in their government-issued documents by removing falsified identification documents from circulation. It is a front-line defense for the nation’s security. The same is true for identification documents issued at the state level, such as driver’s licenses and motor vehicle documents.

Get Help with Suspected False Passports

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