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Identification of the Writer of Simulations or Tracings

Requests are commonly received for a forensic document examiner to compare a simulated or traced signature with writing samples of the purported ‘forger’. The expectation is to confirm a suspected writer was responsible for the simulation or traced signature. The...

Writing Specimen Considerations

During the collection process of signature specimens to submit with the questioned signature(s), maximize the comparison process by the following: Collect ‘like’ documents. For example, if a signature was written on a legal document it is preferable to submit...

Originals vs. Photocopies

Document examiners are commonly asked if photocopy analysis may be used for a handwriting comparison. They may. However, the preferable form documents are submitted is in the following order: originals, photographs, photocopies and, if necessary, microfilm and faxed...

Sports Memorabilia

The marketing of autographed sports items with 'forged' signatures is an unfortunate reality. It is not uncommon for document examiners to receive requests to examine sports memorabilia to determine if an autograph is genuine or not. The methodology for autographs on...

Ink Dating

A common request made to forensic document examiners is to 'date' a signature or handwritten entries in a medical file, diary, etc. The ink dating process is a specialized area requiring the expertise and laboratory instruments of an ink chemist. Ink samples must be...


A properly equipped laboratory will have a a variety of instruments to use during examinations. One that is particularly useful, is the Video Spectral Comparator (VSC), that allows an examiner to compare inks. The VSC relies mainly upon the use of the infrared light...

Signature Analysis on Wills

A high percentage of cases submitted to a signature expert is related to contested wills or other estate related documents. Although the signature is the usual focus of the examination, other aspects of the documents may be in question. For example, a client may ask...


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