Forensic Document Examiner – Certified.

Sample Cases

“Cut & Paste” Process:

The image shows three overlaid signatures. The signatures were from three different documents, each alleged to have been signed individually.  The exhibit clearly proved at least two of the documents were fabricated through a “cut and paste” process, transferring a third signature onto the other contracts.

A Forensic Document Examiner will prefer to examine original documents, if they are available.  The possibility of a ‘cut and paste’ of a signature, or other text, onto a document cannot be excluded by an examination of a non-original document.


“Obliterating Fluid Alteration”:

“Altered dollar amount”:

The original dollar amount was altered with a pen having similar colored ink. Special instrumentation (used to examine ink in the infrared light spectrum) clearly revealed the use of a second pen.  The instrument is useful in detecting alterations in medical records, ledgers, checks, contracts, etc. However, the instrument also served to show ‘patching’ strokes were made with a different pen in a signature case.

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