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Contested Wills and Trusts

October 21, 2009 in General Blog by James A. Green  |  Comments Off on Contested Wills and Trusts
An unfortunate reality of a private document examiner’s work, is the number of contested will cases received.  Without question, there are more will related cases submitted than other types of documents such as contracts, medical records, anonymous notes, etc.   It is unfortunate to see the relationship of family members suffer because of a suspected alteration or fabrication of a will. Forensic document examiners always prefer to have the original will for examination.  The provision of the original will may be difficult or impossible because it may be in a court file, in possession of the opposing party, purportedly destroyed, etc.  If possible, provide the original or have the examiner travel to the location where the original is located for the examination. If the original is unavailable, provide the examiner with the best copy you have. Provide as many known signature specimens of the decedent as possible, preferably originals and dated close to the date of the will signature.  Work with a document examiner to make the signature comparison as successful as possible.
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