Forensic Document Examiner – Certified.

Forensic Document Examiner – James A. Green

For over 25 years, Mr. Green has worked as a Forensic Document Examiner to resolve questioned signature, handwriting and other document issues.

As a signature expert, he routinely examines wills, contracts and similar documents. Specialized laboratory instruments are utilized as appropriate to the case needs.

How Mr. Green may Contribute toward your Case:

  • Handwriting & signature expert.  The majority of submissions are related to signatures comparisons on wills, contracts, or other documents. Handwriting comparisons are requested for anonymous notes, wills, forms etc.
  • Laboratory instrumentation.  The comparison of inks, the recovery of indented writing, the analysis of alterations or obliterations require specialized instruments.
  • Courtroom experiences.  Testimony given in excess of 110 times in various State and Federal Courts and one Foreign Court.
  • Timely responses.  Most questioned document cases are examined, and reports prepared, within a week of submission. Telephone calls and emails are promptly responded to.
  • Competitively priced.  The cost for an examination, and written report, may be established after information is provided related to the document issue(s).
  • Government trained.  Two and one-half year apprenticeship served at the Eugene, Oregon Police Department.  Supplemental training received at the U.S.S.S. – Questioned Document Course and at a U.S. Postal Inspection Crime Laboratory.
  • Professional memberships.  Active memberships are maintained in three respected document examiner organizations with regular participation at training conferences.

Clients are provided with an objective, quality work product whether the involved documents are key issues in significant litigation or related to a personal family matter.

Start the process to resolve your document issue by calling:

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