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Forensic document examiners play an integral role inside and outside of the court system. They serve as specialized experts for attorneys and individuals, determining if documents have, or have not, been fabricated, altered or ‘forged’ in some manner. If evidence is recovered, supporting a client’s case that is in litigation, the document examiner will serve as an expert witness during the trial.

Handwriting Expert

Document examiners are trained to conduct a variety of analyses, but are commonly retained to examine signatures and hand written text in question.  As a result, a document examiner is commonly referred to as a handwriting expert or signature expert.  Proficiency as a handwriting expert requires years of training and experience to acquire the skill necessary to recognize individual writing patterns and characteristics, allowing the examiner to differentiate between genuine and simulated signatures.

Mr. Green is well trained and experienced in handwriting and signature examinations. His examination results are documented in a detailed report prepared for his clients.

Related Examinations

In addition to signature and handwriting comparisons, document examiners are regularly tasked with comparing inks, papers, recovering indented writing, examining fonts, printing types, writing instruments, etc. Another common request is related to the examination of documents purportedly the result of a ‘cut and paste’ fabrication.

Mr. Green is Certified by the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners and has been in practice over 25 years. With his extensive government training and a variety of laboratory instruments in his laboratory to resolve cases, clients hire Mr. Green to provide his professional services that are objective, timely and affordable.

Clients are provided with the highlest level of quality in work and service, whether the involved documents are key issues in litigation or related to a personal family matter.

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